body skin+care

-back facial
-chest facial
-brown spot & blemish removal

back facial

A cleansing treatment to remove impurities that form on your back over time. During this 75 minute treatment, your back will be cleansed, exfoliated, and deeply moisturized with the help of a massage and a special glowing mask. Once the mask is removed, your back will be ready to show off!

chest facial

A 75-minute rejuvenating and anti-aging treatment for your chest area – where skin tends to be thinner and more sensitive. Perfect for beach time or before a party when you want your décolletage to be looking its best! This treatment helps to repair sun damage and prevent discoloration and other signs of aging.

Brown spot

blemish removal

This non-invasive treatment removes brown spots, blemishes, skin tags, and broken capillaries. Sessions generally last at least 20 minutes.

Hair removal 




Our clean and hygienic waxing services use a gentle wax that makes the experience almost pain-free. For facial waxing, we use a special formula that protects the sensitive skin on face and neck. Our body wax is designed to be stronger, in order to remove hair quickly and thoroughly. Your skin will stay sleek and smooth for longer, and when hair does grow back, it comes in finer and thinner.



Founder Noushin Habibi learned this ancient form of hair removal from her grandmother. A piece of thread is moved along the skin and, in a seemingly magical way, removes hair at its root. Threading is recommended for clients with sensitive skin or those using certain acne or anti-aging treatments.