facial skin+care

-chemical peel
-diamond peel
-environ treatment & cool peel
-european facial
-teenage facial
-Oxylight/ Ionixlight Facial
-Oxygen Facial



A chemical peel is designed to deeply cleanse skin. The nusheen skin + care aesthetician is trained to mix peels to create a treatment that will simultaneously address each of the client’s unique skin needs. Many of our peels work instantly and require no downtime following the treatment.



A diamond peel is a crystal-free form of microdermabrasion that uses a diamond micro-exfoliation system. Crushed diamonds gently scrub the skin’s surface, providing deep exfoliation. This treatment is designed for skin with rosacea and is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. For some skin treatments, a package of 6-10 sessions is recommended. 



Dermafile is a manual method of Diamond Peel that is designed to control the number of skin layers removed during the exfoliation process. This treatment is ideal for very fragile skin and rosacea. For some skin treatments, a package of 6-10 sessions is recommended.



Microdermabrasion uses microcrystals to remove dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier skin. The removal of a thick layer of skin cells speeds up the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin underneath. The result is beautiful, soft, and glowing skin. For some skin treatments, a package of 6-10 sessions is recommended.



Because of hormonal fluctuations during adolescence, it is important to start taking care of skin early. This 60-minute facial, in addition to focusing on cleansing and exfoliation, cleanses pores to prevent breakouts, and heals acne.



Our 75-minute European facial is customized for each individual’s skincare needs, whether treating oily, acne-prone skin or preventing signs of aging. The treatment starts with deep cleansing, followed by a relaxing massage to stimulate circulation. A custom mixed mask provides the finishing touch, which, when removed, reveals healthier and brighter skin. 



Highly concentrated oxygen molecules are delivered directly to the epidermis to promote collagen growth and combat visible signs of aging.  High pressurized oxygen infused with botanicals, vitamins, mineral and nutrient rich extracts, are applied to the face and neck resulting in a more youthful glow.

Environ treatment

cool peel

“The Environ Cool Peel is described as a new, modern facial peel. Instead of the aggressive acid peels of old, which can strip away vital layers of the fragile epidermis, this uses a lower concentration of lactic acid over light, repetitive treatments. The aim is a more gentle but effective way to achieve healthier skin, with less redness and downtime too – bonus” – Cosmopolitan UK

Biologique Recherche Remolding

Face Machine

4 types of currents are used to reduce under eye circles and tone eyelids giving eyes a wider appearance. This procedure is an advanced bio-electrotherapy treatment that improves muscle tone of the entire face immediately and has a lasting effect.This treatment improves texture of skin on face, neck and décolleté all while boosting absorption and penetration of products.

Oxylight/ Ionixlight


The newest most effective skin therapy aka. “The Madonna Facial”. The light and oxygen based device uses several modalities to exfoliate, deep clean, and revitalize the skin on a cellular level.  This is non-invasive treatment and you will see immediate changes in the skin.   Used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, acne, enlarged pores, skin tightening, sympathies massage and anti-aging benefits.  This is a full spectrum treatment combining all the best anti-aging technology. skin tightening, lympathatic massage and anti-aging benefits. 

This is a full spectrum treatment combining all the best anti-aging technology. This treatment pays special attention to the eye area with an attachment specially formulated to rejuvenate and lift the delicate eye area.

facial treatments

-microcurrent treatment
-needle free/ meso therapy



A minimally invasive and very  effective treatment using fine needles to prick the skin. The purpose is to send the skin into repair mode which generates new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more tones skin with a brighter complexion.

Used to treat and improve fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture (acne scarring) ore size, and brown spots. The tiny holes allow for deeper penetration of topical products while the skin heals. Several treatments may be necessary to achieve desired changes.



As an alternative to micro needling, this needle free skin therapy uses short electrical modulated pulses to create temporary openings in the skin. This allows for deeper penetration of vitamins, anti-oxidents, and hyaluronic acid as they are applied directly to the skin nourishing the skin and stimulating regrowth of collagen.



-45 minute microcurrent treatment
-90 minute microcurrent treatment

This state of the art process increases collagen and elastin, strengthens muscle fibers, rebuilds and tones muscles, all while simultaneously reducing fine lines and smoothing away years from your face!

This non-invasive treatment is achieved without using a dermal pen or needling!